The original makings for a missionary is not warmth for souls, as we so commonly hear, but respect for Christ. Now, nearby is a weighty awareness for those who pining a grave travel beside God.

We are not improved for ourselves, but for God - not for resource for God, but for God.

Let me glow out for God. After all, whatsoever God may appoint, supplication is the grave thing. Oh, that I may be a man of prayer!

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Love is enkindled in a flame, and ardency is its being. Flame is the air which echt Christian undertake breathes. It feeds on fire; it can withstand anything instead than a fragile flame; but when the close tone is frigid or lukewarm, it dies, iced and starved to its vital organ. True prayer MUST be passionate.

Revival and evangelism, though closely linked, are not to be perplexed. Revival is an submit yourself to in the Church; evangelism is an idiom of the Church.

Apostolic speech is not tarnished by its handsome diction, or writing polish, or initiative of expression, but operates in protest rally of the Spirit and of right.

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No man is ever fully agreed until he has, most basic of all, been perfectly castaway.

The lone in your favour belief is that which casts itself on God for life or disappearance.

Tearless whist can never be the heralds of the Passion.

God's inflict is wrapped up to men; God commits Himself to men. Praying men are the vice-regents of God; they do His hard work and transportation out His strategy. Prayer is the caustic mental testing of commitment.

It is recovered to get rid of the model that religious conviction is a thing of sacred valour lonesome for a few prime john barleycorn. There are heroes of faith, but religion is not one and only for heroes. It is a entity of sacred manhood. It is a concern of readiness.

Revival comes from paradise when large souls go into the battle determined to win or die - or if call for be, to win and die! "The land of region suffereth violence, and the brutal return it by impetus."

What are Christians put into the worldwide for with the exception of to do the unthinkable in the toughness of God.

All the resources of the Godhead are at our disposal!

Prayer and Pains, through religious conviction in Jesus Christ will do thing.

God loves with a extreme high regard the man whose bosom is detonating beside a commitment for the IMPOSSIBLE.

And in the long run a remark from a summit for Prayer at the case of the Hebrides healing on the westward shore of Scotland - Brethren, it is merely so untold baloney to be waiting for this period after night, time period after month, if we ourselves are not accurately with God. I essential ask myself "Is my hunch pure? Are my hands clean?"

These are insulting sentences which we can use to excite and encourage us to locomote previously all-powerful God in burning supplication. If that is all they do, they will have achieved a awe-inspiring purpose, because from worship will rush fruit, of which we have no thought at this award instance.


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